Monday, December 22, 2008

Viral Buzz; pt 3

I started this series of postings with “The Road to $10,000.00 in 37 days”. And, just yesterday I posted the second part of the series called: “The John Chow Review, Buzz”. Today, we will continue with the “Viral Buzz”.

What do you think happened when the millions chess, lead the charge of people that read and subscribe to John Chow dot Com read John’s review about Brian Campbell’s goal of making $10,000 in a few weeks using FaceBook?

On the words of John, “when someone says that he is going to make $10,000 in ___ weeks, he either makes it or don’t…” so, the seed of curiosity is planted. The buzz has started. John also published Brian’s FaceBook profile name so we could add him as our friend…

To be honest, I did not owned a FaceBook account, and really was not that much curious about Social Media either. But, I had to see if Brian was going to succeed.

Spreading the buzz I started my FaceBook account and added Brian as my friend. He was explaining step by step what he was doing… and was asking us to imitate him… so, what could we loose, I started adding friends too. Quickly, I had a few hundred like minded friends who were watching Brian, and, like the Pied Piper, he was leading us. He started the P.R.I.S.M. group, and asked us to join, we did. He started making YouTube videos, and we watched. He asked us to post our ideas and opinions on his group wall, and, since we were actually learning by doing, and following his example, we complied. His wall had hundreds of comments, and we were excited that our personal friends number was growing by leaps and bounds. Soon I had 500 friends.

I met great marketers. I made great friends from almost every Nation in the world. All of us with a goal, watch and see if Brian was going to make it.

Brian taught us the value of cultivating Earth friendships. He told us to make sure and we shared our knowledge. He also asked us to start our own groups on FaceBook, while following his example, and he instructed us to pass along the knowledge that he was giving us for free.

By doing this, by creating groups, and by spreading the knowledge that we had recently acquired, we learned even more, and we established our credibility.

Brian’s groups promptly multiplied, and he quickly reached the magic number of 5000 friends, the maximum you can get on FaceBook.

He told us to listen when FaceBook displayed it’s dreaded warning labels. And soon, we all were learning not only from Brian, but from each other’s experience.

In a month, I reached over 1000 friends, and my group reached 500, not as exciting as 5000 friends and 1500 group members, but I was learning…

By now, tens of thousands of people were following Brian, watching his videos, and asking for more…

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