Monday, December 8, 2008

Merry Christmas, Make Money Now, SEO

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What do all of those words have in common? They all have being on the news lately. It is Christmas time, and for the most part, a lot of people celebrate Christmas.

I had a conversation with my wife last night, and she has been instructed by her Company to use the politically correct term “happy holidays” That expression, for many of her customers, and for me in particular, is annoying beyond belief. Think about it. Whether you believe in Christmas, Hanukah, are a Buddhist, or a Muslim, or believeStatue City of Dohuk in Iraq in Wicca, or are an Agnostic, if I wish you Merry Christmas, I am wishing you happiness during the particular Season. I am not asking you to celebrate it with me, nor am I trying to make you a Christian, I am just expressing my wish for you to be happy. The logical answer to someone wishing you Merry Christmas, whether you believe in Christmas or not, would be a quick and polite “Thank you”, since they are wishing you happiness, unless you really want to be miserable, in which case, you are on your own…

Why did I start this article with  that bunch of apparently unrelated words, and my tirade about saying “thank you” when someone Wishes you “Merry Christmas”?

You want visitors to come to your business, whether it is a physical business with tangible products, doors, walls, etc. or whether it is an online store selling services or products.

Time - Money A lot of people pay millions of dollars to have someone tell them what to write, how to write it, where to place it on the internet, and how to advertise it. That is fine, I do think that if you provide a great product or service that others value, at a reasonable price, advertise it properly, and develop your brand, you will eventually succeed. Expert Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science, nor it is something that you can do the same way, following the same rules, over and over, year after year, attaining the same results.

What use to work two years ago, do not work today. What works today, might not work next year.

Christmas 05 in a tent, Tal'Afar, IraqThere is one thing that usually works in a consistent basis: common sense.

The common thread in all of those words is that they are relevant to today. Those words and many more related to them are being Goggled as we speak. So, if you use those words, and can foresee what people will be searching for in the near future, you can make money, since the search engines will present your website or blog to those who are searching for those terms that you just thought of. So, here is the bottom line:

a. Think of the words that people will be looking for on their search engines.
b. Make sure that you write blog posts targeting those topics. Make sure that you are teaching something of value, or that your opinion provides valuable information.

c. Make sure that your website, or blog, use those buzz words, and that your tags, meta tags, titles, and posts, are properly coded to reflect the words that are in the public arena now, and the ones that will be popular next week, next month, etc.

Think ahead, and you will succeed.

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What other nuggets of wisdom can you share with us? Join the conversation…

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sinjan said...

since I have got a blog which is more like my daily diary, I am really concentrating on the content...


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Laura said...

Marry Christmas.
If I just offend you....Well you will get over it.
Politically Correctness has gone way to far. Remember the old saying "You can't please everyone" well it is true.
Everytime a person is made to say happy holidays that person is also being made to give up their freedom of speech, their freedom of expression and their freedom of religion. What is next? The Amish saying your car offends me...So you can not drive them on my roads.
Think about.
By wishing you a Marry Christmas. I'm not taking anything away from you. But when you make me say happy holidays I'm sacrificing three freedoms that America was founded on, and three reasons why people WANT to live here.

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