Thursday, December 11, 2008

Internet Marketing Fundamentals

SEO, PPC advertising, email marketing, your blog, and online press releases are the basis of your online  business..

Daffy Duck in a tuxedo, suave entrepreneur What is a fundamental? Fundamental is defined as an essential part of something. To define internet marketing fundamentals it is important to know what is the objective of internet marketing. According to the dictionary, marketing is the process of presenting a product or service in a way that makes them desirable. So, internet marketing is the process of representing products or services in a way that makes them desirable to your customers.

How do you accomplish that?

1. Proper selling techniques. Sales letters, proper web design, relevant information about how the product fulfills the needs of the prospective customer. Adequate copy writing.

2. Ensuring that the message is seeing by prospective customers. Websites, blogs, forums, press releases, Advertising networks, Bill Gates social media, email campaigns, expert search engine optimization…

3. Your brand.

4. Time management.

The main problem of many internet marketers is twofold.

First, they spend too much time hanging around social media sites. This, thus becomes a full time job, and soon becomes unbearable. You get bored, and becomes a chore rather than a pleasant task. I personally dislike phones. I do because in one of my previous assignments, I was required to make two hours of phone calls 6 days a week. Cold calling, “hot leads”, tips, you name it.  I did that for 3 and a half years. It became so boring to me, that I rather go to the dentist than picking up a phone. If you call my house, I will not pick up the phone.

someone is wrong on the internet When you spend your time in social media sites trying to push your product, unless you are a disciplined individual, you will eventually get bored, and will dread doing it. Anything fun in excess becomes tedious.

And second, since you get sidetracked by your social media extracurricular activities, you neglect the meat and potatoes of the process, which is to provide decent content, and put it in front of potential customers eyes. That, in other words, is expert search engine optimization.

Lack of discipline, lack of proper time management skills, will sink your ship before you have time to get out of the bay.

How do you tackle your internet Marketing Fundamentals?

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Mariah said...

I love this line: "Anything fun in excess becomes tedious."

BTW, I voted for your blog in both Blogger's Choice Award categories. A return would be much appreciated on my blog's nomination for 'Best Blog About Stuff' whenever you have the time. Thanks! :)

J. A. Colon said...

Done, I do like your blog...

Kasumi said...

Great Post, I think Lack of discipline and time management are by far the greatest pitfalls to overcome when tackling internet marketing as a whole.