Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gene Chizik

Gene Chizik

accepted Auborn’s proposal to become their new football coach. Iowa is hurt since Chizik had only coached for them two seasons. Chizik jumped to the opportunity to coach at Auborn and Jamie Pollard, Iowa State Sports Director and Chizik’s previous boss Gene Chiziksaid that this is a dream job for him. Auborn however, has not confirmed the story yet, even though Associated Press put it out about 45 minutes ago.

Chizik’s impressive record of leading the Tiger’s to victory, make him a valuable commodity.

What does this teaches you?

1. Do become indispensable.

2. Keep an eye open for the next opportunity.

3. Plan your strategies and run with what works.

4. Even though we are in a recession, there is plenty of money out there for those who perform.

What else can you learn from this story?

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