Sunday, December 21, 2008

The John Chow Review, Buzz; pt 2

This is part two of the "Road to $10,000" saga.

I came across John Chow dot Com via EntrepreneurEntrepreneur Magazine Magazine. John had been in business for a while and started by reviewing gadgets on his website. This was in the early days of the web 2.0 revolution, or the turn of the century. John once wrote that he wanted to have a place where he could just post his rants and opinions, John Chow dot Com was born.

How does all of this translate so far?

a. John became an expert in his field or niche (gadgets review). He develop credibility.

gold bars b. Because he developed a reputation, he develop a following.

c. He had a website, and an Internet presence.

d. He started his blog. His audience followed him.

e. I am not sure if it was here, but he became a millionaire, and became famous.

f. He published Brian Campbell’s story.

Who was Brian Campbell?

Brian Campbell was an entrepreneur who became successful selling investment information online. By his own admission, he made several million dollars from his previous presence online. Then, he semi retired.

Somehow, he came up with his next marketing idea.Chess He was going to make $10,000 in a few weeks using FaceBook. Let’s dissect this proposition:

a. FaceBook has millions of users.

b. The idea of making money online attracts people.

c. What if you could help lots of people to make money at zero or nearly zero cost? ANSWER: You can make a lot of money as a result of helping others.

d. How can you achieve this?

Tomorrow, we will continue the $10,000.00 saga…

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Anonymous said...

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J. A. Colon said...

Thank you Sheralle... I appreciate your visit. Let me know if there is a topic that you would like me to cover.


Dianne said...

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