Thursday, December 25, 2008

Social Media Marketing System; pt 4


Social Media Marketing 101

Somehow, Brian came up with the Social Media Marketing System, and opened a membership Campbellplan where if you were among the first bunch, you could join in and receive personal training from Brian himself. There were three levels, bronze, silver, and gold. I joined in as a Bronze Member and quickly upgraded to Silver.

Brian’s teachings were eye opening, and I do not regret joining. His group of marketers are at the cutting edge of Social Media Marketing, and his teachings are first rate.

Take Action Now The bottom line is simple, there is no amount of instruction that you can get that will make you successful, if you do not implement those principles.

Ooops, I forgot, Brian had no trouble whatsoever making the $10,000.00. He later on gave them to John Chow in a public ceremony.

Our Social Media Marketing 101 continues to grow and it is a forum to present business opportunities…

I enjoy passing along what I have learned fromteaching Brian, through 22 years of military leadership and experience, through 8 years of search and rescue experience, and a few other endeavors that have opened my eyes and helped make me successful.

On the first article of this series, I promised that we were going to analyze:

a. Brian’s technique to make $10,000 in a few weeks using FaceBook. We did that.

b. Hidden costs. That will be the topic for the next and last article.

bee c. Tools. Will be discussed on the next article.

d. Buzz. You read how the buzz spread, starting with John Chow’s Article, and through all of us who followed Brian’s path to success.

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