Sunday, September 7, 2008

Free search engine optimization tip of the day

Over deliver and you will be a star. Your free search engine optimization tip for today is simple. Over deliver, over deliver, over deliver. Social media owes it’s popularity to the fact that people is tired of the inhuman touch. The human being is a social creature. We enjoy each other’s company, and as long as we are comfortable, we are happy in the company of friends. Web site marketing or social media marketing will only make you successful if you remember that you work for one person only, your reader.

But there are other considerations in web site marketing. You cannot satisfy your customer’s need if the search engines cannot find you. How can we help the search engines so they can help us help our customers?

It helps if we know what our customers want. What exactly is our customer looking for? How does the customer find what they are looking for? This is elementary; they go into a search engine, and type a few words related to what they are looking for. They will type something like: Colorado Springs. But that is way too generic. They will soon realize that here are thousands of links to follow, so they have to refine their search, so they enter “Colorado Springs Museums”. That narrows the field, and makes it a bit more manageable. So, lets say that the customer wants to find an art museum. So, he or she types: Colorado Springs art museums. Bingo, that zeroes in on what they want, and they are happy. I do not want to sound patronizing, but those words that the customer used to find the art museums in Colorado Springs, those are key words; and you need to know what key words your future customer will use to so you can provide them for them.

Here is another free search engine optimization tip: use a keyword tracker, Google has one, or you can go to and enter the generic key word you want. This word tracker will tell you how many times that word was used last month, and will give you specific phrases, and how many times they were used. Here is a suggestion: the word “marketing” was search 3820 times when I researched it. That is too much; it is too generic. Find a phrase that was searched about 100 times. That is the phrase that you will need to build or write your web site, blog, or article about, and make sure that you use that phrase on the meta tags, tags, title of the article, title of your website, or blog, and of course, you use it on your article.

That key word or phrase is what the customer is looking for; so it is your job to provide as much information as you can on that topic. That means: RESEARCH IT.

Now, here is another free search engine optimization secret: since you used the key word so many times, the search engine ranks your article, web site, blog, whatever, highly relevant for that particular key word, and hopefully, you will break the top 10 or 20.

So, here is one benefit of over delivering in your web site, when you give your customer what he or she wants, you are, at the same time, giving the search engines robots or spiders what they want. You have in fact become a partner in providing a quality product for your customers.

Also, make sure that you do not use black hat search engine optimization techniques.

This next paragraph is an example of what not to do, see if you can figure out why:

“People engaged in web site marketing, in their futile efforts to rank high on the search engines, often try to use not so innocent tricks. One that I saw not to long ago, and it really sucks, was to include Monica Lewinsky’s name and bill in the same paragraph, and since you already saw the word suck before, it should give you an idea of the intent of the paragraph, specially since we are in the middle of the presidential campaign.”

Please do not do that, it is offensive to your customers. You are trying to trick them, which means, that when they visit your site, they will leave in disgust.

If you use black hat search engine optimization techniques, whether you do them for free, or you pay someone, I suggest you stop. When the search engines find out, they will ban you.

Again, let me know your opinion, and fell free to contribute, comment at will, feel free to subscribe to our blog, or visit often.

Celebrate life.

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