Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Self responsibility, let’s stop the mooching

In my previous post, I introduced the topic of getting out of debt, and pointed out the need of our society to change the focus, from one of entitlement, to one of diligence and self reliance. These two characteristics, together with the one that I will introduce in this post, are the basis of entrepreneurship. Some might believe that this topics have nothing to do with social media marketing, or internet marketing, or business strategy, or SEO, but as Mr. Christensen commented earlier, these are the basis that need to be laid if we want our society to thrive once more.

You cannot fix what you do not know is broken. The first step to deal with addictions (alcoholism, drugs, sex, etc.) is to recognize that you have a problem. It took a long time for me to identify my shortcomings, because in my eyes, I couldn’t do anything wrong. It is human nature, and thanks in part to the mental health community (it is your parents fault, or someone else other than you) and the “what’s in it for me” generation, it is the other guy’s fault that I am broke, and cannot succeed. “It’s the man’s fault for keeping me down.” Unless you live under a dictatorship, there is usually a choice.

Quoting a hated radio talk show host: “It makes blood shoot out of broken TV my eyes” when I hear the excuses that people use to justify their addictions, their marriage failures, their lack of ambition, their acceptance with the status quo. I wanted to throw a brick at my radio when the radio played a clip of a sobbing woman saying that, and I quote: “I don’t have to worry about my mortgage, or about putting gas on my car now, because…” a particular candidate for President won.

You might hate my guts for what I am about to say, if I make you think, it is worthy.

Chances are, if you are reading this blog, you are either en entrepreneur, a thinking person, someone looking for a way out of poverty, or have within you the spark of entrepreneurship.

no excuses, accept self responsibility The First Step on the Road to Success, as an entrepreneur, or as a person, is Self Responsibility.

Unless you were born a paraplegic, or with any particular condition that prevents you from reasoning and working, have been slaved, are held against your will or are a child, you are where you put yourself. Think about it:

1. If you do not have a High School diploma, it is because you chose to drop out, or refused to study. We have free schools in this Nation.

If you say that the schools are not adequate, or that the school system does not have enough money, I beg to differ. Throwing more money to the school system is not going to work. It has not worked, Drunk Not an Alcoholic and will not work. You, as an individual need to decide to make good use of the education that is freely provided to you. My parents did not know how to read or write, my father was an alcoholic, who worked in construction in Puerto Rico, and other than food and basic clothing, everything else that he earned went to alcohol. We never had a vacation, and I cannot remember going to the movies when I was growing up. I learned to do research by myself, and maintained good grades.

Consider that some of today’s greatest minds in the Nation, do not hold a college degree and they earn millions every year. Our movie stars do not much else than throw their lives away in excess, for the most part have no talent, or useful skills, nor, in my opinion, their reasoning process is anything to write home about.

2. If you have bills to pay, but have money for alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes, you really have no excuse for those bills. You chose to use cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol; and can choose not to use them.

Find a Job 3. If you do not have a job because you do not want to work at Burger King, or any other job because is too low for you, you need to quit the whining, and get to work. Two part time jobs are better than no work, and they are hiring.

Do some introspection. If you are hanging out with people whose idea of a good time is getting drunk or high, or spend the day playing video games, HERE IS A NEWSFLASH:

“It is not the man who is keeping you down, is you and your so called friends.” Decide to change, and improve yourself. Others have done it, you can too.

Nobody will pay your the rent for you, nor should they. That is your Chris Gardner responsibility. Even if you are in dire need, you can lift yourself by the bootstraps. Read the Story of Christopher Gardner, The Pursuit of Happiness, he was homeless, and with a son, and became a millionaire.

Again, the key is self responsibility.

Here is the key to stabilize your financial situation (you are going to hate my guts even more, but again, I want to make you think).

Pyschoactive Drugs1. Learn to live below your limits. Eliminate the Starbucks, or the soda (water is better for you anyway). Eliminate the movies, and cable; they only teach you to blame someone else. Eliminate candy and chips. Learn to eat healthy. You will loose weight this way, and improve your health. Eliminate cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

2. If this is still not enough, get a part time job. If you have teen age kids, have them get a job. If they want to go to the movies, they can pay for them themselves. If they want a cell phone, they can pay for it themselves also. Cell phones, movies, bowling, hanging out, are not human rights.

3. If you have able bodies living of you, put them to work. Our society has degenerated into a parasitic society, where young people believe that they can live of their parents until their parents die. That is not fair to their parents. If they are living at home, they need to get in gear, and at least pay rent, groceries, and not take one penny of their parents or grand parents. They should also be looking for a pace of their own. No job? Again, Burger King is hiring.

4. With all your savings, pay all your debt. If you are smart, you can do it in just about three years; with the exception of probably your car and mortgage.

5. Contrary to what the politicians want you to believe, owning a house is not a human right. There is nothing wrong with renting until you pay your bills and can afford a house.

pay bills 6. Learn to buy because you really need it to survive, and not because is a nice to have.

7. Become an entrepreneur.

Do this, and you will be debt free, and will be a lot happier. Stress tends to disappear when you know that you have a steady flow of income, the kids have moved away from home, and are not leeching their way through life, and you are living within your means.

There are many ways to pay your debts in about a fourth of what they would usually take. It just requires for you to:

1. Recognize that you are responsible for your situation.

2 Recognize that you can do something about it.

3. And like Nike: “Just Do It”.

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Garuny007 said...

intersted to join

Joshua Christensen said...

Nice Joe!
I agree whole heartedly. Listen, the most important conversation you will ever have is the conversation with yourself about yourself! A good friend of mine taught me that a while back.

Social Media Marketing is about learning how to communicate ideas and entreprenuership ideas to one another through social mediums!


The problem is that most of our society is waiting to "have" what successful people "have" so they ask, What must I "Do". They soon find out that doing isn't always the answer because of all the set backs and obstacles along the way.

Insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting different results. The real trick to becoming successful is to "BE" the right person and to think the right thoughts.

When you reach the state of "Being" your "Do's" will create the "haves". Skip the personal self help and avoid changing your inner self and the outer self will always reflect what's on the inside!

Joe, you've hit it on the head.

Take some responsibility for you. If you want to change something, start by getting off the couch!

change your thinking and own your Choices. Sure there are things that are outside your control that affect you. Me too. Whah! Stop spending so much energy on the stuff you can't control and focus on what you can.

My friends, you'll see a great deal of success when you own YOU.

Joshua Christensen

J. A. Colon said...

Joshua, I agree with your Be, Do, Have philosophy.

The problem is that most want to have without having to do, and that is called welfare. That, unless there is a powerful reason, is what forms a parasitic society where class envy grows resentment, and the poor becomes poorer.

Wake up the sense of self awareness, self responsibility, and diligence, and the poor will grow richer.

Donald B. Dousharm said...

Hello Joe!

I find your article interesting, truthful and right to the point. I also found your response to a comment interesting. Coming from the inner city of Philadelphia I see many people living of the government. In fact they find ways and excuses to stay that way. They brag and are proud of the fact and do quite well for themselves.

Sometimes I resent this as I sometimes struggle to meet bills and have to do what it takes to rectify the issue. Guess what? I have the power to fix whatever is or may be wrong in my life. Yes I have been up and down but am gratified to know that I have the mindset to work it out on my own.

These people living on state funded programs have no clue what being free to make choices is all about. they are like cattle just waiting in line for the next handout. This is where our Government has faltered. I say give these people dignity back and force them to find ways to make things work.

I could go on all day but I won't.
Nice work, keep it coming.

DeeLangdon said...

Hello Joe,

Great post, I preach self responsibility every day. It is just amazing (lack of). I often ask people - do you hear yourself speak? I have even laughed out loud. Or to my kids - this is mom you are talking to, mom knows the difference. I have a family member that will absolutely not take any responsibility for even the smallest issue or task or whatever. drives me crazy..

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jdprince said...
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