Saturday, July 26, 2008

Freebie Force Review

Well, It had to happen, curiosity sometimes is a bad thing, but in this case it is a good one.

It is safe to assume that we all are always trying to get a good return on our investment. We would not be good business people if we did not; and with the high cost of groceries, gas, and everything that we use on a daily basis, it is harder than ever to find a good investment.

Enter Freebie Force. Freebie Force is an old fashion MLM Company in which you recruit people, your people recruit people, their people continues to do the same, and as long as most of them remain active, you get paid.

What is the product? Somehow; the company finds a lot of free stuff, which is why it is called Freebie Force, from software, to college classes, to detergents, you name it. So, you log to their website, and check out their offers, I spent 45 minutes, doing it and got about $400.00 worth of items that I can use. Guess what? I send for those items.

So I invested about $10.00, and in return, will receive about $400.00 worth of goods that I would otherwise buy. Not bad.

When you sign in, they will advertise the opportunity to make money filling out surveys, if this for you, go right ahead, otherwise, keep on going to the goodies.

As with all MLM systems, you get what you put in. So, if you want to make money, make sure to advertise the program to your friends.

Ops, I almost forgot, here is the link:

Do make sure that you watch the short video.


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