Tuesday, July 22, 2008

There are no impossibles

There is nothing impossible

There is nothing impossible in this world for someone with determination, an open mind, and the will to succeed.

There was once a very rich man who wanted to give his fortune to his three daughters, so he went to see his lawyers and ask how could he be sure that his daughters would be well taken care of.

Once there, he realizes that the laws of our great Nation (not to mention most of our politicians, our media, and lawyers themselves) are downright insane. Email me if you want a more in depth explanation of this statement. I love our Nation, but our politicians make me wonder daily.

The complexity of our legal system, tax laws, and probate, are just ridiculous. But the bottom line is that when the Maker calls you in, you better have your affairs in order.

Your beneficiaries will get be receive:

1. An introduction to an insane, and tedious legal process to get their inheritance.

2. The privilege to give an enormous amount of money to an attorney who is on his or her way to be a multi millionaire, because of our insane legal system, and the gullibility of his or her clients.

3. The unsavory task of paying a huge amount of taxes to the government, which amounts to double taxation (you hopefully paid your taxes on time) since they got you when you made your money, and now they are taking some more of your hard earned money from those whom you tried to help.


So, the old man, I don’t need to tell you, is not happy at all.

The old man asked his over priced lawyers if all of that bunch of nonsensical laws and procedures were all explained in their legal library behind their desk. The lawyers said yes, and the old man proceeded to ask them if they would allow him to spend a bit of time everyday on their library. Cursing under their breath, they said yes, they did not want to loose such a good client.

The old man, burry himself in books for the best part of a week, after which he told his lawyers that they need not concern themselves with the task of arranging his affairs any longer. Seeing that MONEY was escaping their grabby hands, tried like crazy to dissuade him to no avail.

The old man decided that he was going to throw a grand party to celebrate his retirement. Music, alcohol, food, his lawyers, all the sycophants that usually follow a rich person around wanting their money, his daughters, their husbands, everything and everybody was there.

He ask the musicians to take a break, and grabbed the microphone. He proceeded to thank everybody for being there, and God for all the magnificent opportunities and blessings bestowed upon him: His wife, his daughters, his business, his friends, and his fortune…

He only lamented that his daughters had chosen scumbag, crooks, unethical, and dishonest pieces of #$%^ individuals to marry.

Everybody was surprised since they thought that he had approved and respected the men his daughters married.

The party lost its festive atmosphere, and everyone went home. A few days later, no one was surprised that these three men were suing the old man.

The trial was long, and the three men got it all, they of course shared it with their wives, children, and even forgave the old man, whom they gave a very generous allowance to live the rest of his life.

His daughters, husbands, and children received all of his money, and he did not have to pay taxes, or the lawyers to distribute his wealth.

There was no mortality taxes, income taxes, state taxes, or any other taxes involved, since money earned from a damages law suit is usually, tax exempted.

Here is the bottom line, it is not the circumstances that are preventing you from being rich, it is yourself.

Once you realize that you have all the tools needed to succeed, and you believe in yourself, you can achieve any goal, and become the person that you want to be.

It is determination, an open mind, and the will to succeed what will make you or break you.

WHAT WILL IT BE? Will you be a star?

It is up to you.

On the words of Larry the Cable Guy: Git er done….

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